Olmec: museum guardian

Ramiro Arias Sanchez has lived in Tabasco all his life. He lives with his wife and their young daughter in the city of Villahermosa. I consider it the City of Olmecs. This is where you will find the only Olmec museum, La Venta, with their famous colossal heads. His father and grandfather also always lived here. He feels that he has the same facial features as the Olmec heads that he guards so proudly. I can clearly see that ancestry in him. He is very proud of his Olmec ancestry and he himself pointed out to us that his facial features resemble the statues of the ancient Olmecs at La Venta Museum.

With an Olmec colossal head at La Venta Museum.

With an Olmec colossal head at La Venta Museum.

Olmecs are the first civilisation in Mesoamerica; they lived here from about 1500 BC. They invented the Mesoamerican ball game, the ritual bloodletting, measuring of time, religion, writing etc.

All we have left from them is the colossal heads in La Venta. As they have negroid features (flat noses, large lips and almond-shaped eyes), some researchers claim they were related to peoples of Africa (that they possible came from there to Mesoamerica).

Genetic studies have failed to confirm this speculation, so for the moment we believe that they are an indigenous tribe from Mesoamerica.

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