Pink Dreamscape

Yucatán, Mexico

A trip with a difference: stunning natural pink waters! The sensation is more stunning than you can imagineThe reflection of the sky in the Barbie-pink lagoon is rather sensual. And you will take the most magical photos here but you can't swim in the lagoons. You come here after visiting the ruins of Ek'Balam or afterwards go to the village of Río Lagartos to take a boat trip for bird-watching, to make it a perfect day. Yet another option is to head to the nearby village of El Cuyo to chill on the beach with absolutely no crowds. 


This is all possible only if you go by car, as no public transport caters for such trip combinations. You can have lunch in any of the three places, in simple village restaurants.

Las Coloradas (Hammocks/Lakes)

The pink lagoons give the township its name. Las Coloradas (meaning 'red') is a part of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. The pink lakes are one giant salt factory. When you reach the village, you will spot a high pile of white salt. The first lake (the pinkest of them all) is just there, on the right-hand side of the road. You have to come up, close and personal to see the rosy colour. The colour is natural, caused by high concentration of microscopic algae and brine shrimp. There are a few pink lakes around, but the intensity of colour is strongest in the first lake. Be aware that the village guard will not allow you to swim there.

Río Lagartos (Hammocks/Lakes)

This small fishing village is only half an hour drive from Las Coloradas, along the seashores of the Gulf of Mexico. Perfect for bird-watchers, naturalists and families. Take a boat trip (plenty on offer from the seafront); the standard ride takes two-hours (for 100USD per boat, up to 6 people). You may want to persuade the captain to take you to the pink lagoon as in the side lake they will allow you a short swim (or rather a float, like in the Dead Sea).

Las Coloradas, the Pink Lagoon.

Las Coloradas, the Pink Lagoon.

A boat trip at Río Lagartos

A boat trip at Río Lagartos


 Ek'Balam (Ruins)

The startling and well-preserved sculptures at Ek' Balam Mayan site are also pretty unique. The whole entrance to the tomb of king Ukit Kan Le'k Tok' is in the shape of a monster-like mouth. It is the Mountain Monster called Witz represents the Mayan creation mythology. The deceased king would have entered the underworld through the mouth and then be reborn. 

El Cuyo (Hammocks/Beaches)

Here the turquoise Caribbean Sea mingles with the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The pink lagoon separates El Cuyo from the mainland of Yucatán. This means no direct road connects them and you will have to travel a 2-hour 'loop' to get to El Cuyo, via Dzonot Carretero (see the map). The village will welcome you with a lighthouse as you drive in, and the colourful wooden houses of the local fishermen. The 'endless' beach is one of the few along Yucatán where you can collect nice large seashells. You can also try kite surfing or kayaking. If you decide to stay overnight in the cabañas, you will experience the most amazing sunrise on the sea horizon. 

Ek' Balam's Mountain Monster  Witz.

Ek' Balam's Mountain Monster Witz.

El Cuyo.

El Cuyo.

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