King of the Jungle

Mexico, Yucatán

Feel engulfed by the mystic jungle atmosphere of ancient Palenque. Absorb the achievements of its great kings and scribes.

This is not just pompous language. You will feel like a king of the jungle when you immerse yourself in the waterfalls of the Chiapas Highlands: Misol Há and Agua Azul. Listen to the sounds of rushing waters and give yourself to this lush rainforest.


Day 1

1. Palenque Ruins (ruins)

Scribes, warriors and kings. The eternal city of Palenque has plenty of evidence of their deeds. Don't miss a single frieze or glyph. Walk about, go up the hill to the Cross Temples for the carved portraits of kings and the views of the jungle valley.

2. Palenque Museum (Hammocks/Museums)

This site museum offers finds from the ancient city of Palenque, the most famous being a copy of the lid of Pakal’s sarcophagus (depicting his rebirth as the maize god, encircled by serpents, planets and mythical monsters). A definite jungle jewel.


Day 2

3. Misol Há (Hammocks/Lakes & Rivers)

This is the lone cascade that featured briefly in the film Predator (in the last jungle scene). If you are a thrill-seeker, you can also have a swim in complete darkness inside a small cavern. If you come with an organised tour they won't give you much time for a swim though.


4. Agua Azul (Hammocks/Lakes & Rivers)

These cascades are a series of frothy white falls and turquoise pools, stunningly beautiful. The water is mineral and you will certainly feel it. Don't hurry home; this is a unique experience.

You can walk up the man-made path on the side of the lower pools, far up and to the left of the path where you can go skinny dipping and further along you can see a few houses of locals who live right next to the falls among the banana trees and palms.


You can come here with a tour, by car or a local Palenque bus although the latter requires some walking from the main road down to the valleys of the waterfalls. Both waterfalls are detours off the Ocosingo–Palenque road. Misol Há is only 20km from Palenque but access is via the mountainous terrain of the Chiapas Highlands so the drive takes about 40 minutes. From Misol Há it is a further 45km to Agua Azul.