Las Perlas Cancún

Quintana Roo, Cancún

Definitely a family beach, suitable for small children. Perfect shallow waters in a small bay.


Cancún has almost 22km of beach. It has two types of beaches: the north side beaches with more tranquil water and the east side beaches which have more exciting waves. Generally the further east you go in the Hotel Zone the more turquoise the water. This public beach is closest to Cancún city centre, at km 2 on the Kukulkán Boulevard (the km signs on this coastal road are very clearly marked). It has a small car park (for about 50 cars) and it is free but it is advisable to arrive early to guarantee a parking spot, particularly on Sundays when locals love going to the beach. If you come here on a weekday, you may have a beach to yourself.

Blue flag information on the beach.

Blue flag information on the beach.


I came here in June 2018, in search for a beach without seaweed, as at that time the whole coast of Riviera Maya was just covered by it. Seaweed is of intermittent nature; rain overnight can bring it in or take it away but in recent years we have tended to get a lot of it, at times. In such circumstances, Cancún beaches tend to be cleaner as they really try hard to clean them in the Hotel Zone. On this occasion, the small beach of Las Perlas did have some seaweed but there was a little clean space where you could enter and swim. On a 'clean' day, this must be a wonderful beach.

A little bit of seaweed on the beach but they do clean it all the time.

A little bit of seaweed on the beach but they do clean it all the time.


There are full services here: toilets, showers, lifeguard service and even a playground. There are palms along the beach and even palapa (thatch) umbrellas, providing shade, which are free (a rare phenomenon along the Riviera Maya coast). Another advantage is that you won't see large hotels on this beach, which is the case with most Cancún beaches. So you will not feel like an 'intruder'; this is a true public beach. Although it is not the most secluded beach in Cancún, it certainly retains the right amount of intimacy. Pets are not allowed here; for that you need to go to Playa Coral, also known as Playa Mirador II, which is the only beach on the whole of Riviera Maya formally allowing pets.

Our beach chairs, and lifeguard behind. On the left Hard Rock hotel, on the right the Secrets hotel.

From Playa Las Perlas you can take long walks along the coastline. To the right you can walk to Playa Linda, where they have the service of Captain Hook trips (a pirate show and dinner on a boat). To the left you can walk to Novo Cancún. You will walk through residential and private hotels, where you can easily pass because the coastline is a federal area (i.e. with public access).

Restrooms and showers.

Restrooms and showers.


How to get there:
Location: Hotel Zone, Boulevard Kukulkán at km 2. This beach is located midway between the mainland city of Cancun and the bridge on the north side.

Getting There By Bus: Blue Line Stop #84, Green Line Stop #89

Car park area.

Car park area.

Ventura park slides can be seen from the beach.