I'm Lydia. Together with my husband Rhod, I decided to leave my desk job in Brighton, England, back in 2013, and settle in Mexico, to enjoy the sunshine, learn Spanish and explore the ancient Mayan sites. Travel and blogs are not just for the young. Everybody can do it! From here I am aiming to explore Central America as well.

Since then I have fallen in love with Mayan history and heritage and have been burning the midnight candle, digging out yet more information on the many mysteries of the ancient sites. While you can find many dates and facts on the internet, I found most web pages about the ruins a bit boring – for example, they don't talk much about the people who lived there and their daily life. To find out the details, you have to go to many sites, but here they are all gathered in one site for you. This blog is a shortcut to current ideas about the old Mayan kingdoms; I've done the spadework in some pretty obscure research! Mayology is currently flourishing, every day brings exciting discoveries of previously unknown ruins and the experts can now interpret about 85% of hieroglyphs.

I explore Mayan stories and histories in Ruins, with a focus on the people and one mystery per site. I also have a separate Mysteries menu, with a special focus on the most obscure Mayan mysteries (that go across sites). I take you into other beautiful destinations, such as cenotes, lakes, rivers, towns, villages, jungles and haciendas in Hammocks (all activities where you can do something physical and then put your feet up in a hammock). In Trips I recommend the best combinations of ruin outings with other activities in Mexico or Central America. For example, there are about five great cenotes next to Ek' Balam ruins but which one is the best? I can also organise trips for you if you are in the Yucatán area. I have been doing it for friends and friends of friends who live in Playa del Carmen, my new home, and I really know the ropes. That way you will get the juicy stuff!




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