Hi, I'm Lydia. My niche is decoding ancient Maya stone masks and motifs to tell a human tale that connects their riddles to specific sites. I left my job in England and am now based in Mexico. I leave no Maya stone unturned! I wade through world-wide scholarly research (and some of it is pretty obscure). I travel off the beaten track. I talk to the locals. I connect these places to ancient mystical tales, to tickle the reader's fancy and to feel that Indiana Jones magic of Maya cities still buried in the jungle. I then invite the reader to relax in a hammock, swim in deep cenotes or chill on hidden beaches.



Travel Writer

My husband Rhod shares my passion and has become the proofreader of my stories. We work as a team.

I find most web pages about the ruins a bit boring – for example, they don't talk much about the people who lived there and their daily life. My blog attempts just that, in the section called Ruins. In a separate Mysteries menu I focus on some complex Maya mysteries (that go across sites). I take you into other beautiful destinations, such as cenotes, lakes, rivers, towns, villages, jungles and haciendas in Hammocks (all activities where you can do something physical and then put your feet up in a hammock). In Trips I recommend the best combinations of outings from particular areas.



Published articles from online magazines


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