A real life adventure...

I'm the busy bee who trawls through dusty research on your behalf and brings the ancient Maya back to life. If you walk into a Mayan ruin and feel the people of the past around you, I will have succeeded.



A range of must do activities – tried, tested and recommended by a local.


Each ancient Mesoamerican ruin site has a focus section on the most important structure.


Focused on the more obscure ancient Mayan mysteries that go across several ruin sites



The suggested trips in this menu are here to create the perfect day out for you by recommending the best combination of a ruin with another activity on the same day. If you go to Chichén Itzá, which of the many cenotes around is the best for you? You can also make your own combinations from my other posts as each Ruin post also has a 'Mix and Match' option.



I quit my job, sold my house in the UK and moved to Mexico to find out more about the Mayans. This blog shares what I know. If you tire of ruins and their mysteries (I don’t!) try ‘Hammocks’ to explore leisure and activities near the Mayan sites. Under ‘Trips’ I can help you mix and match your days out. 


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